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Homeopathist Vet attacks The Nightingale Collaboration

July 7, 2011

Hmm. So this homeopathic vet tries to claim that The Nightingale Collaboration should be castigated for having the audacity to attach homeopathists but leaving arms manufacturers alone? Err? What the fuck?

I should have saved a copy of my original posting to show here but I didn’t even think of it at the time. However, I posted a response which said that the ASA were obliged to act against homeopathists who make claims of therapeutic benefit which are not supported by the available scientific evidence. I also commented that by and large the arms manufacturers are hardly regarded as bastions of virtue whereas homeopathists are claiming that they are helping treat patients. I finished by saying that such a comparison was ridiculous, akin to comparing apples with coal.

My posting did not pass moderation – big surprise, NOT!

I submitted another response criticising the blog writer, which he did publish:-

Eh? “They don’t seem to have access to the most up to date thinking on homeopathy and the physics of ultradiluted substances”. What thinking and physics would that be then? I’ve posted the following comment – let’s see if this passes moderation….

Nick – you are so wrong that it is incredulous to think that you have undergone scientific training. The evidence base for up to date thinking on homeopathy and the physics of ultradiluted substances? You are joking, I presume? Seriously, what is the most up to date thinking on homeopathy? The evidence has been assessed in a meta-analysis in “The Lancet” in 2005 –…

The evidence has been scrutinised by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee – their findings were conclusive:-

The physics of ultradiluted solutions is also pretty clear – water does not have a memory and at 30c dilution the chance of finding a single molecule of active ingredient is extremely remote.

If you have evidence to suggest otherwise that stands up to scientific scrutiny, please provide it.

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